Why a farm membership?

Benefits for members are great. Most importantly, of course, our members receive weekly delivery of 20-30 lbs or more of freshly picked organic vegetables, herbs and flowers from June thru October. Members also enjoy a sense of ownership as they share in farm activities and farm life during several festivities and volunteer days on the farm throughout the season. From transplanting seedlings to weeding beds and harvesting crops, knowing where and how their food is grown is a fun and rewarding part of being a member.

To be a vital part of the farm’s success and operation is the greatest factor of joining a CSA. Members have their finger on the pulse of the farm as the season progresses. They learn to understand and appreciate that season length as well as variety and size of each weekly delivery is determined by weather and crop success.

Shares are priced on a sliding scale from $665-$725 for a full share with a target of $675, and $335-$365 for a split share with a target of $345. Please have your own share partner if signing up for a split share. We can not provide ‘partial bags’ and you will be sure to enjoy splitting the goodies with a friend rather than a total stranger.

Local shares which you come to pick up at the farm directly are $600 for a full share and $315 for a split share. Pick up Thursdays after 11 am or Friday morning.

To download the membership registration form please click here.

Download and print our flyer to post in your neighborhood