Hosting a Drop Site

Are you intetested in hosting a drop site? 

It may sound more daunting or restrictive than it really is. Hosting a drop site for Felicity Farm can be a fun experience and a great way to meet and connect with folks who share your interest in fresh, locally grown foods. Some drop site hosts take the drop day as a time to celebrate and throw a party on their porch where people sit and mingle and chat as they stop in to collect their bags.

What is required to host a drop site?

As a drop site host you provide a cool dry place auch as a covered porch, garage, mud room or entry way where we can set up a name board and table for the share bags, newsletters, and exchange boxes, and collect empty bags.

What happens on deluvery day?

When we deliver the bags, usuallt between 12:00 and 3:00 pm, we tag the bags with name tags on clothes pins, lay out newsletters, extras boxes, and a list of the week’s contents, and put up a farm drop site sign so members can find you.

Members come to pick up their bags by 9 pm on delivery day and return their empty bags from the previous week. On pick up, they place their name pins by their name on the board. Drop site hosts have a list if all their share members with contact info. If a bag is not claimed by 9 pm, hosts will send a reminder to members who have not picked up. If the member does not respond and the bag is not claimed, hosts should inform us and may keep the share for their use. Hosts also ensure the site is ready for delivery as well as clean up after delivery. 

We will pick up empty exchange boxes and bags at  the next delivery.

What are extras boxes?

Each week we will have sueplus items in what we call an extras box. Members may exchange items from their bags and split share members may want to supplement items in the bag. Any extras left in the extras box are for the host to keep.

If you have questions or would like to know how our oyher drop sites work please email us. Each drop site is ubique and each host has a different set up that works for them.