About Us

As a brand new CSA we opened our doors and growing operations in Spring 2017 for our very first season. And an amazing and successful season it turned out to be, with an array of gorgeous and delicious and colorful vegetables.
Due to changes in ownership of the land and home we were renting, Felicity Farm has moved to a new location.  This means our 2018 season will be spent on preparing and establishing the new grounds for growing our amazing organic vegetables, herbs and beautiful seasonal flowers. Hopefully, by fall we will announce our CSA open again for the coming 2019 season.
As our name Felicity Farm suggests, we truly find the utmost joy, happiness, fulfilment, and pleasure in growing healthy, beautiful organic foods, and in our connection with the land. Each morning we rise to the rooster’s call and after a good cup of coffee, head out into the fields.
Our goal is to maintain the highest level of land stewardship, meaning that we farm responsibly and sustainably to keep the land and environment healthy as well as providing healthy locally grown food to members and farmers markets.
We aim to keep our carbon footprint minimal through cultivating and growing by hand and with horse powered implements.

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