Home Alone for the Holidays

Christmas eve. I am sitting here in an empty house… Just my animals and I. No fancy dinner with lots of people. No laughter, excited voices, clinking glasses, christmas carols and no blinking lights and tinseled christmas tree… No embarrassing family stories, no presents, no regrets.

It may seem sad, to have none of the typical definitions we so readily attribute to the holidays. And yet, all the commercially created festivity aside, in the stillness I am content and I remember the true origin of Christmas. 

The birth of Jesus. He had no fancy dinner and no festive christmas decorations. Born in a simple barn with only the animals and his parents sharing a moment of quiet celebration and appreciation. 

To me there is no place more perfect to celebrate Christmas and the true gift of love and life and the power of truth within me than the quiet of a manger surrounded only by animals and the presence of spirit. What a blessing to be living on a farm, here and now, and to enjoy a time of solitude and reflection in this still and peaceful winter landscape. 

4 thoughts on “Home Alone for the Holidays

  1. Excellently written.๐Ÿ‘Œ
    But having passed through such a phase, I feel that this is a belief that we accept so that we can face our loneliness. If that is the case, do respond. I have some wonderful ideas which can drive loneliness away- because, hey, I have gone through it already !! ๐Ÿ˜‡


    1. Honestly said and sincerely felt. I used to live in Los Angeles. The 24hr noise and traffic and hectic and bright lights all day and night drowned out my thoughts and my connection with who I am.

      I enjoy solitude and quietude. That is why I moved out here. Where nights are quiet and peaceful and pitch dark. Where you can see every star as bright and close as if it were a diamond waiting to be picked.

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