Christmas Gift

As I am out doing morning chores I can hear my dog Leya barking in the distance… Not too far away, just beyond the woods. I recognize her bark.

We get in the truck and drive around to a neighbors house beyond the woods where I heard Leya bark. As we pull up he steps out and asks if we were missing a dog… He says she had just been fact I had heard her barking at him when he tried to coax her inside… 

After calling and searching for a few minutes Leya comes running around the corner… Tail wagging she runs into my arms.  Happy and relieved she jumps in the truck and tucks her head between my knees. Whinig she seems to say ‘what an awful night… I thought you’d never come for me’.

Well… It wasn’t all that cold,she did not freeze nor starve nor get hurt. I am just glad she’s back safe for the holidays.

Meery Christmas.


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